Global Marine Group (GMG) has launched a new Safety, Security and Environmental Management System (SSEMS).

The system has been organised, planned and implemented by GMG to ensure the safety and operational excellence of its people and assets, as well as to safeguard the environment. Structured to meet the requirements of the Offshore Vessel Management and Self-Assessment (OVMSA) programme. Along with the stipulations set out in the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, the new SSEMS enhances the Company’s regulatory compliance and supports the continual evolution of industry standards.

Safety is the number one priority at GMG, Global Marine and CWind, and we are proud to have completed 1.65 million working hours in 2016 without a single injury, a remarkable achievement given the potentially hazardous environments in which our people and assets operate.

As well as OVMSA and the ISM Code, the new SSEMS supports GMG’s status as an active member of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA); staff from the Company’s RQHSE (Risk Quality Health Safety & Environment) team sit on IMCA’s HSSE (Health, Safety, Security & Environment) committee. GMG is also proud to hold the Order of Distinction, an honour bestowed by RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) on organisations achieving a minimum of 15 consecutive Gold Awards (GMG has 18). Gold Awards are presented in recognition of outstanding occupational health and safety standards.

Chelmsford, Thursday 17 August 2017. Global Marine Group (GMG), a leading provider of offshore engineering services to the renewables, telecommunications and oil & gas industries, announced today that it has been awarded a contract from E.ON, an international, privately-owned energy supplier focused on renewables, energy networks and customer solutions, to install a fibre optic cable at the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, under construction 13km off the coast of Sussex, UK. Upon completion the cable will run from the shore to an offshore substation, providing a vital communications link for this major wind farm. The installation is expected to be completed later this month.

CWind, which is part of the GMG and is responsible for delivering the Company’s power capabilities, will execute the contract and will utilise the Group’s capable assets and project engineering team.  The installation will centre on a 96-fibre armoured cable supplied from Hexatronic, installed by the CS Recorder using the proven Hi-Plough to ensure appropriate cable protection in the hard chalk seabed.

“It is a pleasure for CWind to continue working with Rampion,” said Lee Andrews, Managing Director for CWind, part of Global Marine Group. “We are well placed to support the project, with a comprehensive track record of successful cable installations. In a very tight timeframe, the CWind team has engineered a solution for a complex project that accommodates the existing on site infrastructure. We now look forward to successfully conducting the installation and will naturally embrace our “right first time” ethos throughout the project.”

Due to be completed and operational in 2018, the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, owned by E.ON, the UK Green Investment Bank plc and Canadian energy company Enbridge, will generate 400MW of power, the equivalent of the electricity used by almost 347,000 homes, comparable to around half the homes in Sussex.

Chelmsford, Thursday 3 August 2017. Global Marine Group (GMG), a leading provider of offshore engineering services to the renewables, telecommunications and oil & gas industries, announced today that it has successfully completed a remedial cable burial project for Prinses Amaliawindpark (PAWP), a wind farm off the Netherlands’ West Coast. PAWP covers an area of around 14km2 and comprises of 60 wind turbines that are connected by eight in-field cable strings that converge at the central offshore high voltage station.

The project, operated by Eneco, [an energy company responsible for generating and supplying sustainable energy originating from wind, heat, biomass and solar farms,] was completed according to schedule and in conjunction with operational and safety standards. Upon completion, the customer described the outcome as having met ‘superb standards’.

GMG’s first project with Eneco has been executed by CWind, which is part of the GMG and is responsible for delivering the Company’s power capabilities. The contract was secured in part, due to GMG’s proven track record of completing complex cable burial projects and to having the trenching equipment already mobilised for rapid deployment. The project utilised CWind’s in-house resources including the CS Recorder, which has DP2 dynamic positioning; the Q1000, a powerful remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) jet trenching system; as well as a skilled onshore and offshore engineering team.

The 28km shore connection cable responsible for delivering power to the onshore substation was installed in 2007 and was trenched below the seabed to depths of up to three metres. Natural movement of the seabed in the subsequent ten years reduced its burial depth. As such, the main objective of the project was to rebury the live cable to ensure its protection in commercial waters, and to comply with the site’s permit requirements.

“We are extremely pleased with the work carried out for us by the CWind team,” said Jeroen Achterberg, Eneco Project Manager. “With a 100% clean safety record and high levels of safety awareness during the reburial project, the results led to the project being completed within schedule and to superb standards.”

Lee Andrews, Managing Director of CWind added, “Key to the success of the PAWP assignment was our ability to respond quickly to the client’s requirements by drawing on available in-house resources and, of course, our wide experience in offshore wind farm engineering. We completed the project in just three weeks with utmost safety and efficiency – great work by all concerned.”

CWind, a leading provider of services to the offshore wind industry, announced today that it recently provided two Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) from the 22-strong CWind fleet to support blade maintenance campaigns at Lynn & Inner Dowsing and Rhyl Flats offshore wind farms. The project for Siemens took place over two months from August through to the end of September this year.

CWind was able to provide a safe and cost effective solution for the blade maintenance work by fitting a purpose built frame to their MPC19 CTV vessels. The versatility of the MPC19 vessels, which have a flexible pod system, made it possible to adjust the vessel deck configuration to accommodate the platform, providing a secure and safe working area for the technicians.

Lee Andrews, Managing Director at CWind, commented “Finding safe and efficient solutions for our customers is extremely important. Our flexible CTV vessels are adaptable and able to easily perform blade maintenance operations. Combined with the vessels fuel efficiency, the CWind solution is great for all our client needs. We are delighted to have continued to support Siemens this autumn and look forward to future engagements.”

Sam Campbell, Contract Manager at Siemens added, “CWind and Siemens have collaborated closely to put in place the vessel solution that made this campaign possible. Siemens has worked side-by-side with CWind on a number of other projects and is a testament to the service delivery we receive from them on each and every occasion.”

NWFTC announces they are to partner with Petans to provide training to the wind industry.  The state of the art facilities at Petans have been specially adapted for wind industry courses, which will be delivered by some of the most experienced technical safety trainers in the UK. The courses initially on offer will include fully accredited GWO Basic Safety training – Working at Height, First Aid, Fire Awareness, Manual Handling and Sea Survival. Courses can be booked from October 2016.

Petans’ Norwich Training Centre is one of the leading training centres for the Offshore Energy sector in the UK. As a registered charity, Petans consistently invests to update and introduce new facilities capable of offering training in a realistic setting. Their industry leading facilities includes a solar heated survival tank, wind training tower, fire simulation modules, helideck and confined space modules. With comfortable delegate facilities and highly qualified personnel, they are able to support all levels of ability and experience.

Tom O’Shea, Training Solutions Manager, CWind said: “This is an exciting opportunity to combine the expertise of NWFTC with that of Petans. The prominent location, together with high quality training staff and facilities, makes this partnership ideal for meeting the needs of the industry.”

Michael Wilder, General Manager, Petans said: “We are delighted at the opportunity to widen our training scope into the ever growing offshore wind sector by partnering with NWFTC and look forward to working together over the coming months.”

NWFTC is a fully owned subsidiary of CWind, a UK based offshore wind industry service company working with major developers in the offshore wind sector. CWind is an Integrated Service Provider that supports the wind Industry by providing on-demand services as well as 360° solutions to help ensure the success of their clients’ projects.

CWind, a leading provider of services to the offshore wind industry, has announced today that Transmission Capital Services (TCS) has chartered one of CWind’s Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) on a five-year contract to support works at several of their offshore substations in the United Kingdom.

CWind is using one of its MPC19 resin infused composite catamarans to provide the crew transfer services. In February this year, CWind had announced that it had won a 20-year contract from TC Westermost Rough OFTO Limited, one of the OFTOs managed by TCS, to maintain the secondary mechanical and electrical systems of both the offshore and onshore substations at the Westermost Rough project. The earlier contract covered all routine inspection, diagnostics and planned maintenance work, as well as a first response service and offshore transport.

Lee Andrews, Managing Director CWind, was pleased with the contract win, stating, “We’re very pleased to have won this contract so soon after commencing work for TC Westermost Rough OFTO Limited. It is a confirmation of the quality of the service we provide and a reflection of the commitment of our teams. Low operational costs, given their excellent fuel efficiency and comparatively low day rates, make our MPC19 catamarans the perfect vessel for this sort of contract.”

Dominik Adamus, Senior Commercial Manager at Transmission Investment commented, “The selection process was made easier by the obvious cost-efficiency benefits of the CWind fleet and the existing relationship at the TC Westermost Rough OFTO. We look forward to working with CWind on this engagement.”

National Wind Farm Training Centres (NWFTC), a leading offshore wind training provider and subsidiary of CWind Ltd, has announced today, that it has won an exclusive contract from DONG Energy to provide rescue training services to Gunfleet Sands offshore wind farm, off the coast of Essex.

NWFTC will be delivering courses in Advanced Rescue together with GWO accredited courses in First Aid, Manual Handling, Sea Survival, Fire Awareness and Working at Height at their training facility in Lowestoft, Suffolk. The training will take place over a seven week period this spring.

Agnieszka Golebiowska, Senior Contract Manager at DONG Energy, said: “We are pleased to be working with NWFTC. Safety is DONG Energy’s top priority and these courses will play an important role in ensuring that our team is able to maintain high standards in these important areas.”

Tom O’Shea, Training Manager at NWFTC, added: “We are pleased that NWFTC has been selected to help build on the high safety levels of operational personnel at Gunfleet Sands. The overall approach to training at Gunfleet Sands has been excellent throughout the entire process thus far and we very much look forward to providing a relevant, quality training experience to their team.”