Celebrating the successes of our people

Earlier this month, we held our Annual Awards Evening, recognising employees and teams both on and offshore right across Global Marine Group.

Designed to reward and recognise outstanding achievements over the last 12 months, the categories reflect the businesses underpinning values. Over 150 nominations were made by peers throughout the company.

Congratulations to this year’s awards winners:

Offshore Individual: Samantha Mason

Second Officer, Samantha, was chosen as the winner for this category for her outstanding response to Covid-19.

Onshore Individual: Rebecca Hughes

Fleet Resourcing Manager, Rebecca was selected as a winner for this category for her ability to hit the ground running and make an immediate difference within the company.

Offshore Team: C.S. Sovereign

The C.S. Sovereign crew were nominated for their fortitude and resilience in the face of extremely challenging conditions. A big congratulations to the whole team.

Onshore Team: Roz Johnson and the Accounts Payable Team

This team has been recognised multiple times for their dedication and hard work, and for going to extra mile to ensure the business remained operational.

Excellence & Capability: Carla Bennet

Subsea Operations Administrator, Carla was selected as the winner of our Excellence and Capability Award due to her dedication and commitment to the company, her ability to go above and beyond their job role and for always being helpful.

Innovation: Brian Perratt

Global Support Services Manager, Brian has been recognised by his peers for approaching product development with flare and passion, and creating a positive impact on the business.

Customer Focus: Plamen Katsanski

The winner of our Customer Focus Award, IT Analyst Plamen, is highly regarded by his peers and always has the customers’ requirements in mind. Plamen has qualities, which have been described as ‘a great ambassador and attribute to their team and the wider business’.

Commercial Focus: Liam Cairney

The winner of the Commercial Focus Award was Proposals Engineer, Liam, who has been described as having exceptional dedication, commitment, and work ethic and always going above and beyond in his role.

Corporate Citizen: Andy Newman

Engineering Manager, Andy won this award due to his proactive approach in ensuring that our graduates and apprentices are fully supported and getting the right type of developmental experience.

Covid Hero: Elliot Gaitch

This special category introduced this year will recognise an individual that has not only gone above and beyond in their role during the pandemic, but has demonstrated their commitment to the Global Marine Group culture and values outside of their role within the business, supporting local communities or volunteering for others that have been in real need.

Second Officer Elliot, was nominated multiple times by his peers, and has been described as ‘a truly worthy Covid hero’.

Safety Champion: Jon Geddes

Jon has shown real diligence in his training and assessment of CTV Masters and Crew which has made a significant contribution to the reduction in incidents within the CWind fleet. Jon’s authenticity and setting of extremely high standards in his execution deserves to be recognised and makes him a worthy winner of the award.

Directors’ Choice: Dave Whiting

The Directors choice award this year goes to Dave, RQHSE Officer, who has been instrumental in ensuring that the business has continued to keep going despite the challenges of Covid. Dave have provided constant support to the Global Marine business unit over the past year and is always quick to respond to enquiries, supporting as best he can in every situation. A truly worthy award winner.

Congratulations and thank you to all our winners, shortlisted colleagues and nominees this year!