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Global Marine Group Launches OceanIQ Consultancy Business – utilising rich subsea data

Global Marine Group (GMG) a leading provider of subsea cable installation and maintenance services to the telecommunications, offshore renewables, utility and oil & gas markets worldwide, is pleased to announce the launch of OceanIQ, the fourth business unit in Global Marine Group’s subsea engineering portfolio.

OceanIQ delivers industry-leading subsea cable data, survey, route engineering and consultancy services for telecom and power cable route planning projects. The highly experienced team also work to maximise the lifespan and efficiency of live systems across the globe. The business is built upon an existing wealth of data and knowledge acquired through years of cable installation and maintenance projects undertaken in support of sister companies Global Marine and Global Offshore. The range of bespoke services on offer include comprehensive data management utilising the businesses world-leading GeoCable® software which comprises information on over 2.6 million kms of as-laid cable around the globe. In addition to this vital resource, OceanIQ offer cable records management and charting services retaining robust data on historic repairs as well as supporting ongoing maintenance of cable systems. Route engineering services include detailed desk top studies, cable fault analysis and cable protection assessments. The team can also assist with acquiring the necessary permitting to complete cable installation projects around the world, as well as route surveys to establish the best and safest cable route, to maximise installation efficiency and minimise risk to assets.

The creation of the new brand, which sits alongside Global Marine, Global Offshore and CWind within the wider Group, is in response to customer and industry demand for access to, and meaningful interpretation of, detailed subsea data. As seabed usage across multiple industries increases, having an accurate understanding of the seafloor to plan for future installations, and protect those in existence, has become essential.

The team has a strong reputation for the successful delivery of projects in support of GMG’s other brands. The formation of OceanIQ endeavours to capitalise on this success and open up the team’s skills to new customers and markets that require exemplary subsea consultancy services and a comprehensive data set that continues to grow with each completed project. With an unparalleled record of 97% of all fibre optic cables laid
worldwide, and a substantial amount of power cables, OceanIQ’s understanding of the ocean floor is unique and extensive.

Gail Clark, Managing Director of OceanIQ, says, “With decades of first-hand experience in cable planning, installation and maintenance across the Group, the team has an intrinsic understanding of the seabed. The OceanIQ team’s experience allows us to interpret the wealth of data that we have built over many decades, from simple facts and figures and into meaningful intelligence that enables our customers to make informed decisions that ensures the longevity of their cable systems.”

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