Electrical Officer

Our offshore provider has the following vacancy:


Safe and efficient operation, maintenance and repair of all designated electrical and electronic equipment on board and to carry out duties depending on ship manning/operational requirements.


  • Arrange regular inspections, tests and repairs of all designated electrical and electronic equipment; to maintain planned maintenance systems and complete appropriate records and reports as designated by the Company and/or the Chief Engineer.
  • Ensure that he is familiar with the machinery and systems so that, in an emergency situation, essential services can be safely and speedily restored. The Electrical Officer must have a full understanding of, and abide by, Company policies, procedures, work permits and instructions, and the Code of Safe Working Practices.
  • Assist with survey work as directed by the Chief Engineer.
  • Ensure that any information he enters in the maintenance records is accurate. The Electrical Officer’s hand-over notes must encompass a comprehensive coverage of his work during his period of engagement on the ship and he will ensure that all manuals and drawings pertaining to electrical work are kept up to date.  Any changes to manuals on drawings shall be notified to the appropriate Ship Co-ordinator to ensure all copies are updated.
  • Notify the Chief Engineer of spare gear and stores requirements.
  • Be fully conversant with the relevant Codes of Practice.
  • Keep the Chief Engineer fully informed as to the progress of any work which he has undertaken and inform the Chief Engineer of any defects or problems encountered in his area of responsibility.
  • As requested to work on the D.P. System, he shall report directly to the Master or the D.P. Officer on watch. No equipment will be taken off-line whilst the vessel is operating in D.P. mode without the permission of the Master or the D.P. Officer on watch, and a note to this effect must be entered in the D.P. logbook.
  • Ensure that all electrical work is carried out with full regard to the work permit procedure.
  • Be prepared to adopt other duties within remit of multi-skilling objectives as agreed and advised prior to appointment.

Responsible To:

Chief Engineer, other officer as instructed.

Promotion Criteria & Required Competence:

  • Meet the promotion criteria laid out within the Careers within the GMSL Fleet Guidance Document (GMSL-A-GU-0003)
  • Possesses the required competencies for this rank as detailed within the Fleet HR System (CASYS)

Certification & Training:

  • Possesses the required certification and valid training as detailed within the Fleet HR System (CASYS)