OceanIQ launches a series of new products utilising its world-leading submarine cable data

From today, OceanIQ – part of the Global Marine Group, a leading provider of fibre optic cable installation, repair, and subsea cable consultancy services to the telecommunications, utilities, offshore renewables and oil & gas markets – launches a series of new products, making its unrivalled database of submarine cable data even more accessible. With records stretching back over 170 years and detailed knowledge of 97% of all the world’s fibre optic cables, coupled with an extensive understanding of power cables, OceanIQ is one of the world’s leading sources of expert information and data on undersea cables.

Responding to market demand, the company has simplified access to its authoritative GeoCable data, and now offers two levels of subscription services, GeoCableLight and GeoCablePro.

GeoCableLight is a secure, web-based platform that allows a wider group of individuals to have view-access to the company’s extensive data set. This provides access to the company’s industry-leading data set beyond its traditional GIS and route engineering users. GeoCableLight is also available on mobile devices and tablets anywhere with internet access – a facility which again changes how easily the data can be accessed and digested.

For professional users who need access to OceanIQ’s full data set there’s GeoCablePro. It’s the new name for the company’s fully flexible, professional option, which has been long trusted by enterprises, governments, and multi-national bodies needing highly accurate data and cable locations and wanting to undertake complex analysis and data planning themselves.

Both GeoCableLight and GeoCablePro are subscription-based, with information that is regularly up-dated – giving users the added peace of mind that their investment as subscribers will always give them up-to-date data and information.

Additional, free service

On the same day as OceanIQ launches its new GeoCable subscription offers, it unveils a new, free insight map of the world’s submarine cable networks – www.oceaniq.co.uk/submarinecablemap – which allows users to zoom in and out of the positions of over 1.5 million kilometres of in-service fibre optic cables, an intricate network that spans the floor of the world’s oceans, and make the modern, interconnected world possible.

This new map, OceanIQ believes, is the most accurate undersea cable map currently available online for free. Its generalised data goes way beyond other more illustrative offerings and shares just some of the unrivalled knowledge built up by the OceanIQ team over decades.

The submarine cable map is a chance for a general audience to get a taster of OceanIQ’s unparalleled knowledge, and will be of particular interest to researchers, libraries, and educational institutions, as well as anyone curious in seeing how the modern interconnected world is connected by otherwise unseen cables.

Please note: GeoCable is a registered trade name and protected by law