Heading into the summer months with resources engaged around the globe

Chelmsford, 25 April 2017,Chelmsford, 25 April 2017,Chelmsford, 25 April 2017,Chelmsford, Monday 5 June 2017. The Global Marine Group (GMG), a market leader in offshore engineering, is reporting a successful first five months of 2017 and what we expect will be a strong outlook for the rest of the year. All key assets from the GMG fleet are currently mobilised, either supporting maintenance zone agreements around the world, or on installation, maintenance or repair contracts.

“As we head into the summer months, we are extremely pleased about our robust activity level, which we feel is a reflection of our high performance standards, reputation and strong relationships across the industry,” said Ian Douglas, CEO of the Global Marine Group. “We are consistently mobilising quickly to deliver high-quality, on-time and on-budget solutions to all our customers’ which demands experience, proven know-how and the resources to get things right first time. We believe we have the personnel, vessels and technology to meet these demands.”

CWind, the group’s offshore power focused business, has its 18-strong fleet of Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) and another eight chartered vessels, busy supporting clients on key wind farms across the UK and Europe with a variety of subsea and topside solutions. In February of this year it was announced that CWind would incorporate the resources and power cable capabilities of its parent company, GMG, to expand the breadth of services it offers to wind farm owners and developers.

In addition to completing major scopes of work at the Godewind Offshore Wind Farm using a DPS-2 vessel, CWind has also recently utilised a key asset in the GMG fleet, C.S. Sovereign, to complete back-to-back power cable repairs. First, CWind finished the successful repair of a vital power cable that reconnected the Isles of Scilly to mainland electricity, and then another repair commissioned in the North Sea.

CS Recorder, a recent addition to the group’s fleet, has just completed remedial burial work on the CIEG (Channel Islands Electricity Grid) power cable between Guernsey and Jersey. The project benefitted from the mobilisation and deployment of another of the group’s assets, the Q1000 jet-trenching Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), which offers 1000hp of total installed and variable jetting power. The Q1000 is ideal for trenching pipelines, umbilicals and cables to a burial depth of 3m at a speed of up to 400m per hour. CS Recorder will shortly begin work on another installation project.

Further afield, the group’s telecoms focused business, Global Marine, who have installed over 300,000km or 21% of all subsea cable across the world, has the Networker and her crew currently primed for a fibre optic cable installation project between Karimun and Batam in Indonesia. The Networker is the first purpose-built cable-working barge in South East Asia, and one of the largest vessels of her kind, ideally designed to deliver projects in shallow waters and narrow corridors.