Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The long-term success & growth of the Global Marine Group (GMG) relies upon our continued ability to improve the quality of services & products we deliver, whilst fulfilling effective duties of care to operational safety, human health, environmental well-being and community engagement.

In order to fully & correctly discharge these duties, the GMG demands total commitment & accountability from every employee to implement the following Health and Safety standards;

› Visible & effective Health & Safety leadership and ownership at all levels
› Implementation, and adherence to, our Safety Management System & associated guidance
› Ensuring the safety of all employees and other personnel by eliminating hazards to prevent injury and/or ill health
› Prevention of incidents by providing a safe working environment, actively stopping unsafe acts and reporting Health & Safety deficiencies,
› Provision of adequate resources, training, and safe systems of work in order to effectively fulfil our Health & Safety obligations
› Providing employees with appropriate medical care and personal welfare through on-board or on-site facilities
› Use of detailed safe systems of work to ensure tasks are executed safely
› Monitoring and assessment of our suppliers and contractors, to ensure they deliver safety performance in line with our own standards
› Act upon results, performance, and feedback to maintain a system of continual improvement
› Make our policies, standards & lessons learnt available to all employees to drive Health & Safety awareness
› Set targets against which individuals are held accountable & measured as a means to monitor our overall Health & Safety performance
› Consult & engage with workers to ensure effective implementation of this policy

Health & Safety is the responsibility of everyone working for and on behalf of the GMG and we all have the obligation to stop any activity that is being carried out in an inappropriate or unsafe manner. Customer satisfaction and the good name of the GMG are directly dependent upon this working philosophy, and therefore compliance with this policy is mandatory & binding upon all employees, and upon all personnel employed in Global Marine Group vessels and sites.

This policy’s high standards shall be achieved through Management Systems that meet the requirements of all relevant international & local legislation, statutes & regulations. This system shall be regularly reviewed to ensure it remain relevant, effective and best-of-class standards. The Director of RQHSE has the responsibility and authority to;

> co-ordinate and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of RQHSE Management Systems

> ensure provision of competent personnel for effective implementation of RQHSE Management Systems

> ensure the measures laid down in this policy are fully complied with

Bruce Neilson-Watts
Chief Executive Officer
Date: 29-06-2022