Quality Policy

The Global Marine Group is a leading independent provider of submarine cable solutions offering a broad range of services including consultancy, subsea cable engineering, installation and maintenance, covering the lifespan of a submarine cable system and delivered to customers worldwide.

Management are committed to the implementation of an effective quality management system compliant with the International Standards ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025 including assuring impartiality across all business units and locations. The quality management system is built on Global Marine’s vision to keep people connected to energy and data. The quality management system and its implementation will be subject to regular management review to ensure its suitability and effectiveness and provide a basis for setting the Company’s quality objectives.

We aim to meet our customers’ expectations and be recognised for our commitment to quality in everything we deliver. To achieve this, and support the strategic direction of the Company, we shall:ll:

  • Meet all defined statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the diverse products and services we provide.
  • Stimulate Quality awareness in all employees through systematic inductions.
  • Utilise appropriate Quality improvement techniques to measure, monitor and report on risk, opportunities and performance, as a means of achieving continual improvement.
  • Implement audit programmes designed to assess the suitability and effectiveness of the QMS, and identify areas for improvement across all business activities and processes.
  • Provide the highest quality, best value services and products to our clients by adopting a process approach to management systems.
  • Create a framework whereby the required competencies of our people are identified & met, in line with present and emerging business requirements.
  • Monitor & measure customer satisfaction to determine desirable changes for the company’s products and services.
  • Implement change in a planned & systematic manner to ensure the integrity of the quality management system is maintained.

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its continuing suitability and will be implemented, maintained and communicated to all employees, associated personnel & interested parties for their awareness and understanding.

Bruce Neilson-Watts
Chief Executive Officer
Date: 03-07-2023