Supporting Our Communitites

For many years Global Marine has given generously and taken part in charity work worldwide, supporting the communities in which we operate

In 2020, Global Marine Group provided additional funds to support the Ninos Pag Asa Centre with the following activities:

Funding for building improvement work:

  • Perimeter fencing
  • Guttering and downspout improvements
  • Improved washing facilities
  • New beds
  • Painting and securing of the roof of the main building ahead of the rainy season

Provided funds for necessary medical procedures:

  • An emergency CT scan, tests and medicine for a nine month old baby boy
  • 24 cleft palate and lip operations
  • A bowel operation for a girl under five years old

Global Marine Group is helping to improve lives around the world. We promote stronger and more sustainable communicates through funding and volunteering within our local communities.

Currently the primary charity supported by the company is the Ninos Pag Asa Centre, based in Olongapo, Philippines. It is an orphanage for those who are not cared for nor looked after by any other agency.

It is authorised and licensed to operate as a social work agency giving medical assistance, educational programmes, skills training and community based rehabilitation. The centre not only looks after those who are residents, but also educates and assists other children and adults in the local community.

Global Marine Group has been supporting the centre since Cable Retriever, currently the company’s vessel supporting the maintenance region, arrived in 1998. The Captains of the Cable Retriever, together with the Make a Difference Team (MAD), in the UK take responsibility for supporting the orphanage and organise many activities to this end throughout the year.

Every year Global Marine Group provides funds for meals, electricity, water and hygiene supplies as well as school tuition fees, and help to make Christmas a special time of year for all the children.

The cause is close to the hearts of many of our colleagues across the globe, and in addition to the business’s support, the team at Global Marine Group recently took part in ‘Orphanage Week’ and raised over £1,700 for five computers for the children who are blind and visually impaired to complete their schoolwork, whilst the schools were closed during the pandemic.

Christmas Activities

Each year Global Marine Group employees put together a shoe box filled with presents for the Ninos Pag Asa Centre residents to open on Christmas day.

In 2020, we delivered 60 shoeboxes in time for Christmas, and completed our first ever live Christmas concert with the residents performing carols and festival dances for the Global Marine Group team.

Already in 2021, the Group has funded 25 essential cleft lip and palate operations for children of the Ninos Pag Asa Centre and in the local community, helping to provide them with a better quality of life for the future.

At Global Marine Group, we are passionate about helping children and residents of the Ninos Pag Asa Centre.

We are committed to responding to their needs with transformative and sustainable solutions, providing life-changing resources such as clean water, medical aid, food, and educational opportunities.

You can help us to make a positive difference to the lives of these children by donating here. If you’re unable to donate, but would like to support us, you can help us spread the message by sharing this on social media to generate awareness.